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We believe that everyone deserves to own and partake in a fair and undemanding financial system.

Mothership envisions a world where everyone has the right to participate in the economy: that is why we are creating an ecosystem of accessible financial products and services to put every market participant in full control of their asset regardless of background or location.

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We are just getting started...

As avid cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have years of engineering experience on hand, we set out to take on the challenge of constructing a cryptocurrency exchange designed with the focus of supporting traders. Being eResidents ourselves, we understand fully well its benefits and want to integrate the program with the exchange to enhance security, offer eResidents specific solutions which non-eResidents cannot get and ease the process of recovering accounts.

In July 2017, we conducted a token sale to raise funds and make this platform a reality. Having successfully raised $5 million through our token sale, we set forth to build the products we planned.

During the process of building Genesis (our fundraising platform) and Mothership, the cryptocurrency exchange, we found many flaws in the current financial system that kept bothering us.

I truly believe the financial system should work for everyone and put each market participant back in control of their own funds without requiring excessive trust on third parties or advanced technical knowledge. That's what we strive to enable here at Mothership.

Arseny Zarechnev
CEO & CO-FOUNDER OF Mothership

While forging the most capable and practical cryptocurrency exchange for traders, we realised that this journey is much more than that. There was a burning desire to make the issues we came across right again. Why do we have to trust an exchange or bank to give back our money when we want it? Why do banks have the sole decision power to allow or deny us without reason and let us participate in the market system?

We want to give people an alternative financial system while allowing each and every market participant to be in complete control of their own assets and financial decisions. That’s why we’re building financial services to encourage the trustless economies at Mothership and our upcoming cryptocurrency exchange is just the beginning.

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What Mothership stands for

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Your ultimate control of your funds
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More than one financial/fiscal choice for people
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Transparency in our work
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Thorough & personalised customer support
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Education on personal finance & money
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Financial services designed to make money work for you
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